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Growing up on a small sailing boat and the magical island of Ibiza, Daisy Jane always dreamed of travelling the world, learning and sharing with different cultures, places and people. 

The journey into Yoga began for Daisy when she left home and began to travel. Yoga became her way of feeling grounded as she moved from place to place. The practice became the constant as everything else shifted.

Living on the ocean and sailing around the Pacific, there was little access to Yoga classes, and so Daisy found herself creating her own daily rituals which involved simple meditation, pranayama and a handful of asanas.

The more she practiced, the more enchanted she became, and the more it fuelled her desire to study Yoga.

Her first calling to teach came in Bali 2015.  Whilst managing an Eco Lodge in the mountains of Sarinbuana, Daisy began sharing her daily practice and running classes for visitors and locals at the lodge.

It wasn’t long before she was back, completing her 200hr YTT with Jolie Manza and Phoebe Waters, of YogaKoh, in 2016. Daisy has been teaching ever since, and continuing her education and exploration into the limbs of Yoga. 

Over the last few years, the Bay of Islands, New Zealand has become a home and base.  Daisy opened up a community Yoga Studio and has been running regular classes, workshops and events around New Zealand.

As a new chapter unfolds, Daisy could not be more excited and honoured to continue share, learn and grow with this community.

Whilst not teaching Yoga, Daisy Jane spends her time as an ocean-lover and musician.