I am over the moon to be back in the beautiful Bay of Islands for the Summer! 

Classes will be run out of Studio Thirty.Nine, located at 39 Williams Road, Paihia. 

I will also be available for private / private group classes in the Bay of Islands - Please get in touch for the details. 

If there is a time or class that you would like to see on our timetable, please send me a message and let me know! 

Check it out, have a read through the info below - and please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions what so ever!




7pm  Vinyasa


4.45pm   Gentle Yoga

6pm          Vinyasa Flow


4.45pm Vinyasa Flow

6pm        Yin

P R I C I N G    O P T I O N S

DROP IN                                                      $15

DOUBLE TROUBLE                                           $20

(2 Classes in one evening)

5 CLASS CONCESSION                                               $65

UNLIMITED MONTHLY                                   $140




Vinyasa Flow is a popular, contemporary and dynamic style of yoga.  Vinyasa is a broad classification which can resemble several styles, including Ashtanga and Power yoga. 


In Vinyasa, the breath is given primacy.  Every movement it synchronised to a breath, which acts as an anchor as you move from one pose to another.


The sanskrit word ‘Vinyasa’ literally translates to ‘to place in a special order’. This refers to how we connect both movement to movement, and breath to movement in a fluid, flowing manner (hence Vinyasa Flow)


Unlike other styles of yoga, in Vinyasa there is no set sequence of asanas (postures) which means every class is slightly different - allowing originality and creativity within sequences. 

Classes can vary from a slow to fast paced flow, from gentle to challenging, depending on how the sequences are put together. 

These classes are suitable for all levels! 



An ideal balance to our ‘yang’ Vinyasa flow styles of Yoga - Yin is the perfect antidote to our modern day lives.

In a world of hustle and bustle, our bodies and minds are constantly stimulated.

This practice provides an opportunity to slow down, relax and re-connect with ourselves, opening up to the benefits of this meditative practice.

Through Yin, we exercise the tissues of the body in a way unlike any other yoga practice. Long held postures gently and safely target the deep connective tissue of the body, allowing fascia to be hydrated and opening up energy channels within the body.

This class is made to be accessible to all levels, and especially beneficial for those with tight bodies and busy minds.



Whether you are an absolute beginner, just getting back into yoga, a little older, or maybe you are just looking to move a little slower, or having a day where you don't feel like sweating through a Vinyasa Flow class! This class is for you.


Through this class, we will be focusing on the basics: simple poses with simple transitions. We will be moving slowly and gently, allowing time to focus and nurture your body, connect to your breath, as well as understanding correct alignment and how to modify poses to best suit your body.


This class is designed to be accessible and beneficial to all levels.


Gentle yoga sits somewhere in the middle between our Vinyasa Flow classes and our Yin/Restorative classes. We slowly transition from pose to pose, but stay in each enough time to settle, check in with your body, effectively adjust and use your props, before moving to the next.

class styles & what to expect

N E W  T O   Y O G A ? 

Sometimes joining a yoga class as a beginner can seem daunting..


Especially these days when yoga is more often than not perceived as a load of lycra-wearing, Instagram famous, super bendy, bikini models in poses which involve their feet touching their head whilst upside down balancing on one hand on the edge of a cliff….


Don’t get me wrong - that’s impressive! 


But what is important to remember is that Yoga is for everybody. 

That's not to say that every style of Yoga is for every body. 

But my intention is to help you find your Yoga. 

So no - you don’t have to be flexible or able to balance on your head, we’ll get to that later..


So if you are wondering whether you should or should not give it a go - you should! 


Remember that private yoga sessions are often a great way to start.

Through one-on-one sessions, you will receive individualised attention, as well as boost your strength and confidence before joining a group class.

I want you to feel completely comfortable, so check out the FAQs below, and  if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!




Please check the Class descriptions above to get a feel for what each class is about. 



Something that will allow you to move and stretch, and that makes you feel comfortable. 

You don't need shoes as we practice barefoot.

In my experience loose tops will end up falling all over your face when you take your first downward dog! 


Water, A small towel, and a Yoga mat


No, We have plenty of spare mats you are welcome to use! 



Class times vary but we are currently offering 60 minute classes. 

F A Q s

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