My intention is to bring together all that I am passionate about - Yoga, Music & Plant-based food, to create unique and transformative experiences for people from all walks of life; to share, learn & grow together.

I am passionate about creating experiences to both challenge and nourish the body, mind & spirit.  My intention is to create the space to explore both the inner and physical body through Yoga. Every practice, workshop, and retreat is consciously constructed to best serve the occasion and attendees. Drawing from ancient wisdom and bringing yogic philosophy, Pranayama (breath work), Meditation & Asana (yoga postures) into every session.  

Working with Yin & Yang, song and silence to bring the intention of each practice to the light.

Private Yoga Sessions, Retreats & Workshops...There is no limit to what we can create together! 

If you are a studio or individual who would like to collaborate, please drop me a line and I will send through a collection of ideas and inspiration to get started! 


“I have been around the world and hired yoga teachers for retreats and Daisy is one amzing teacher. She is not just leading us through poses but gives us a full experience of the yoga philosophy. She lives and breathes it, it’s so nice to experience her vibe!"

- Dean Larson


“Thank you so much for coming out to us at The Beach House and taking us for our private session. The combination the movements, the view and your teachings made for such a humbling experience. Truly amazing!"


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