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Yoga Sound Journey

Sunday 15th March 

Studio Thirty.Nine, Paihia

Join Daisy Jane and Arachai as we explore a Yin & Yang Yoga and sound journey.

Serenaded by hangpan, heartbeat percussion, dijeredo, singing bowls and mantra, we create a space to explore our inner landscapes.

The session begins with our Yang. Some dynamic Vinyasa Flow to build the Agni (fire) within us and feel the heat, before slowing down, tuning in and softening into relaxation and Yin - creating space within our bodies and minds.

Followed by herbal tea and time to connect.

Spaces limited

Tickets $20 - Grab yours here.

Please dont hestitate to get in touch if you have any quetions!


“I really loved the workshops I’ve done with Daisy. She really knows how to touch your soul and make it a beautiful experience! Would totally recommend going to any workshops or classes she puts on!"

-Nicola O'brien

Daisy Jane's teaches with such enthusiasm and passion. 

She truly wants to take her students beyond the mat and share a deeper understanding of this practice. 

- Laura